Janna Rose-Bell(non-registered)
Absolutely breathtaking = fabulous!!
The Last Lens Photography
Thanks David, You should email me sometime and tell me how things are going.
You've grown so much as a photograoher. You have the gift Jerrico. Amazing photographs. I miss our chats too.
Your website is amazing. Happy Holidays Jerrico.
hey i love the new background. reallly brightens the whole atmosphere. you are doing great as always
hey, you're still doing a great job! The ones you've added are as great as the other ones. Keep reaching for the sky as it is the limit for you!!
oh my gosh! Coco they are all so great. The landscapes are just gorgeous and truly show God's beauty. You are very talented and I am so proud that you can see God's creations as a work of art. Love you
Carol Hyde(non-registered)
Love the animal pics, Jerrico. I think you've got another winner here.Fantastic!
This is what you should be doing for a living. You are an amazing photographer.
So amazing.(non-registered)
I love the pictures of the clouds. You really captured the utter majesty of those skies.
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