I'm Jerrico and I've been dabbling in photography for a couple of years now. I've adopted the hobby as a counter to my sometimes stress-filled day-job.

I have a keen interest in wildlife and landscape photography. I enjoy reconnecting with nature as a method of disconnecting from a position where I'm on-call 24/7, surrounded by computers and people with a lack of know-how. My hope is for my photos to capture and share the beauty of the natural world with those who may not have the time or ability to discover it for themselves. I am interested in developing my skills with portraits and stock-photos, as well.

If you have a specific theme or subject in mind of which you would like a print, I am willing to consider requests, assuming I can find a suitable subject to match your request.

I also do water-color paintings and any of the photographs found on this site can be commissioned as a canvas painting. For more information on commissioned paintings, please contact me.

2010 Capture the Wild Contest - Aquarium life/Reptiles/Amphibians (Oklahoma City Zoological Society)